How email marketing works ?

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Email marketing remains the most relevant online channel with the highest ROI of all marketing measures. In this article, we not only show why the chain is so popular and effective, but also explain the most important advantages and examine the potential.

Relevance in digital marketing today is created primarily through timeliness, speed, and context sensitivity. By using real-time marketing automation technologies, these factors can be optimally combined in email marketing.

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Benefits of email marketing

Personalization is one of the most effective marketing measures. Personalized messages increase the relevance of the communication and are therefore different from other messages like with squadata email solution. The interaction with the couriers is correspondingly higher. If a company is able to process personal data in real time, analyze it and dynamically adapt the communicated content according to the results of the analysis, all the prerequisites for sending contextual individual mailings are met. The possibilities remain diverse and handling is easy.

Email marketing is not only the most effective marketing strategy in terms of cost and return on investment. The relevance of email is considerable for most people and the channel still has a lot of potential for optimization and development. Email marketing is the first channel for companies to establish a constant dialogue with their customers.

Contact with the client

To give the client the feeling of being valued, a personal and individualized treatment is necessary. To establish a long-term dialogue, sending emails is a cheap, direct and fast option. Experts are convinced that hyper-personalization in email marketing will reach a new level. Email will affect all interactions that help reach customers in the right context, whether it's the Internet of Things, location-based services, or behavioral data. Email marketing creates the avenue of communication with the customer.


The statements show that email marketing is no longer seen only as a high ROI channel, but will also make other platforms and channels perform better. Subscribers will be able to make purchases directly from the email without leaving their inbox. Data on measured user reactions is collected, which can be used after evaluation for further personalization in marketing.


Campaigns will increasingly be based on an "app purchase experience," with embedded videos and other interactive extras. (More on this in our article: Pay More Attention to Interactive Emails.) Therefore, email will remain ubiquitous and even more valuable in the future.

Outlook and potential

On the future of email marketing. In their statements, the experts specify how the channel will develop and give an overview of the potential that the channel still has.


In email marketing, every action is measurable. There is a large selection of key numbers that are important in measuring success. To optimize the results, various tests can be performed on email marketing.